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We are thrilled with the interest we have received to bring the Ultimate Block Party to cities, towns, and communities across the country and even around the world. Hosting a Block Party is not only a fun and worthwhile endeavor but also a tremendous community building opportunity. In the planning and preparation of the event, we have seen local children's organizations come together to share their expertise and importantly their shared passion for kids and play. Academic institutions have come to the table, providing support and instruction as to how best to promote the science of play and its impact on learning. Community organizations have also expressed interest in supporting the effort.

Although there are common procedures and guidelines for producing and hosting an Ultimate Block Party, we acknowledge that each city is different. We embrace the opportunity for each city or town to reflect its culture and community and to celebrate its children--and their play and learning--with their unique flavor. What is important to each Ultimate Block Party is the science behind the play and the message to parents, caregivers and educators that play is integral to children’s healthy growth and development. Please see our Ultimate Block Party Licensing Guide and City Planning document to learn more about hosting the event in your area. to learn more about hosting the event in your area. Also, visit the events section of our website to see pictures and materials from the New York City and Toronto events.