Advisory Board

susan magsamenAs Senior Vice President of Early Learning at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Susan Magsamen focuses on HMH’s offering for the pre-K space. A learning expert, award-winning writer and program architect, Susan is also founder of Curiosityville, an interactive personalized learning environment for children aged three to eight, which was acquired by HMH in May 2014.

With over 30 years’ experience in developing effective learning programs rooted in the science of learning, Susan is an active member of the brain sciences research community. She currently serves as a Senior Advisor to the Science of Learning Institute and the Brain Science Institute at Johns Hopkins University; Chair of the Center for Innovation and Leadership in Special Education at the Kennedy Krieger Institute; and as associate editor of npj Science of Learning.

Prior to founding Curiosityville in 2009, Susan co-founded The Johns Hopkins Neuro-Education Initiative, created to foster dialog among educators and researchers in the brain sciences. She was also Founder and CEO of FamilyStories and previously, Curiosity Kits — both award-winning learning resources for parents and children.

Susan holds a Masters of Advanced Studies from Johns Hopkins University, and is a graduate of Towson and Sheppard Universities. She serves on the boards of the Early Care and Education Consortium (ECEC), the Port Discovery Museum, Arts Education in Maryland Schools (AEMS),The Learning Resource Network, the Ultimate Block Party, the Society for Neuroscience Communications and Dissemination Committee, and is a member of the Playful Learning Steering Committee at the Center for the Developing Child at Harvard University.

Susan’s work is widely recognized as fostering and enhancing the ways we learn, play, create, and grow as individuals, families and communities.

Susan's approach to creating enriching learning environments at home, after-school and in the community combines interdisciplinary, evidence-based research with practical, applicable ideas and programs. She regularly brings together scientists, educators, parents, psychologists, advocates, policy makers, educational media and others to share their perspectives on topics that matter including education, family life, careers and more. Then, through a series of communications platforms – from books to videos, radio to speaker series – Susan brings this knowledge, insight and ideas to those who need it to inform, inspire and educate.

Their four children are all amazingly creative; including Nikki a graphic designer, Sam a composer and musician, Adam a self-described renaissance and gadget guy, and Ben, a creative writer, musician, athlete and college student.